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HuntingWeather Outfitters offers deer hunts, duck hunts, dove hunts, turkey hunts, and exotic hunts in Texas and Arkansas.
  • Texas deer hunts are in Sterling County on a managed ranch in comfortable blinds over corn feeders.  Lodging/boarding is available for Texas deer hunts.  150 class deer and below $2500.  Greater than 150 class deer for $2995.  Half deposit required to book.

  • Texas duck hunts will utilize public and private land in the San Angelo area, limited lodging.  $125 day/gun.  Price break for more than 2 hunters.

  • Texas dove hunts utilize a managed and proven dove field outside of San Angelo, limited lodging.   This year we have standing unharvested wheat, and we have added a pond!  $50/day 


  • Texas turkey hunts are on private land in Texas with lodging(meals not included($225 extra for meals).  Do it yourself hunt for 2 birds--$995.  Add $100 for guide.   Hunts are conducted on an 1850 acre ranch with a river and large pecans where the turkeys roost.  This year we have a nice wheat field where the birds have been strutting.  Feeders running with corn and milo. 


      We have found a second property to turkey hunt!!!!       
      This property has a large roost with many turkeys.  
      Limited lodging. $900

      We also have access to a third property which is an all inclusive hunt 
      with lodging and boarding for $1250.  Guided fees will be extra if   


    • Arkansas duck hunts will be on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi Delta utilizing rice fields.  Hunting may be from layout blinds, pit blinds, or skid blinds.  No lodging at this time.


    • Exotic Hunts--Axis deer, Red Lechwe, Fallow Deer, Scimitar Oryx, Blackbuck Antelopes, Gemsbok, Elk, Red Stag and many more.  Call for pricing.